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LAIKA Project

The LAIKA project, co-financed by the European Commission under the framework of the LIFE + Environment programme, aims to support the experimentation, from some local authorities, of a new approach for the definition and planning of a territorial strategy yearning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The methodological approach which will be used for the realisation of the project has been formerly developed by the partners, under the framework of the Cartesio network activities.

The key elements of the project are the following:

  • the possibility to test a homogeneous methodology for the emission trading. This methodology can be used both as a voluntary instrument and as a potential future “burden sharing”, at local level, as planned in the objectives of the EU Energy and climate package (referred to as the 20-20-20);
  • the possibility to develop an operating instrument, in line with the Covenant of Mayors conclusions, to be proposed to the interested Ministries (from the environment and economic development sectors) and to the European Commission. This instrument can be used as a methodology to check that the objectives to reduce gas emissions have been achieved;
  • the opportunity to enhance the action of the local authorities in their fight against climate changes, through a series of benefits which can be gained from the identification of funds and financing instruments under the framework of Structural Funds and of other regional, national and European funding programmes;
  • the possibility to avail of an exchange platform where to simulate a market of credits and emissions;
  • the visibility which the LAIKA project will gain at national and international level, as its extremely innovative experimentation laboratory brings together some of the major Italian municipalities and an important research centre.