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Cartesio's Guidelines

The Cartesio Guidelines define a methodological approach to effectively implement the regional and local strategies focussing on the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions. The Guidelines are articulated around 6 chapters.

The first chapter, “Greenhouse gas emissions territorial inventory”, provides indications for the set-up of regional and local inventories, taking the consolidated methodologies into consideration. 

The second chapter, “Business-as-usual scenario and strategic objectives” describes the methodology used to realise a BaU scenario, which is an important instrument to check and monitor the effectiveness of the actions implemented towards the achievement of the gas emissions decrease strategic objectives.

The third chapter, “Planning”, provides indications for the Climate Plan set-up as well as for the set-up of emissions evolutionary scenari which shall take into consideration the measures and actions foreseen in the local authorities’ plans.

The fourth chapter, “Projects definition”, defines the technical details, the economic resource, the deadlines and responsabilities related to the development of gas emissions decrease projects, in order to evaluate their technical and economic feasibility as well as their effective contribution to the achievement of the gas emissions decrease objectives. It is important to provide a complete definition of the projects, in view of the economic enhancement/publication/sharing of the emissions credits.

The fifth chapter, “Monitoring”, provides indications for the correct definition of the indicators related to the preliminary (ex-ante) evaluation as well as to the progress (in itinere) and follow-up (ex-post) monitoring of the plans and actions adopted and implemented by the local authorities.

The sixth chapter, “Projects validation and check, credits allocation and economic enhancement” illustrates the economic enhancement potential of the Plans and gas emissions decrease projects either through the use of existing acknowledgement and credits exchange mechanisms, or through the creation of new systems operating at local, regional or national levels.

The Cartesio Guidelines can be downloaded from this website: www.retecartesio.it