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Bologna Municipality

Bologna (Italy), which has an approximative size of 14 ha and nearly 380.000 inhabitants, is the Emilia Romagna regional capital. It is located in the north of Italy and constitutes a strategic junction of the road and railway networks.
The local economy is based on the activities of SMEs which avail of a prestigious standing and of an outstanding national position.
The trade quarter is dramatically important for the city. It gained a growing importance connected to the competitivity of events, boosting the employment sector and the development of the productive activities inside the city. Bologna is also renowned for its historical university (funded back in 1088, and considered the most antique one in Europe) and for its dynamic cultural life.

The Municipality of Bologna plays a primary importance role in the national environment policies and frequently received international acknowledgements for the results obtained.

The 40 Environment sector experts closely collaborate with the other sectors of the administration to realize the common urban sustainability objectives.

Bologna is a funding member of ICLEI, the international local authorities network focussing on sustainability, and is a partner of Eurocities and of the Italian Local Agenda 21 Association.

Bologna has always been involvd in numerous european projects. At the moment the environment sector is involved in the following projects: GAIA, Realising DREAMS, GOVERNEE, 3NCULT, and SUSTAINABLE NOW.

The commitment of the Municipality of Bologna on the environmental sustainability themes was confirmed through the subscription to documents such as Aalborg Commitments (2006) and the Covenant of Mayors (2008).